Packing Process

Citrus fruit is hand picked in the field and brought to our facility in bins. When it is ready to be packed the bins are placed on our state of the art dump line. The the bins are submerged into water which allows the fruit to gently float out of the bins and onto the production lines. The fruit is then washed before being electronically graded by our Aweta-Autoline grader. It is then waxed to help preserve and protect it during its journey to stores around the world. After it has been dried it is carefully looked at by our well trained and experienced personnel in order to verify the citrus meets our high quality standards. It is then electronically sized by our Aweta-Autoline sizers and sent to various packaging stations. The majority of the fruit is then packed using automated packing and bagging systems, though some packaging and sizes still require packaging by hand. Once in its container the box is labeled by our ProduceJet system with key product and tracing information.